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What is the North Norfolk Foundation?

We are community foundation that strives to provide financial support to causes and agencies within the North Norfolk Municipality.

How Does it Work?

With every donation made to the North Norfolk Foundation, funds are pooled and permanently invested. The interest that is earned on these funds is distributed as grants or bursaries and the capital is never spent, ensuring a lasting source of support for the Municipality of North Norfolk. 

Why Donate?

There are a variety of reasons why to donation to the North Norfolk-MacGregor Foundation

  • To support one of our specific charities, a field of interest, or the community as a whole.
  • Your gift will be prudently invested and well-managed
  • The funds are never spent, only the interest generated is granted as scholarships or for projects within the Municipality 
  • To engage an entire family in philanthropy, as multiple generations may contribute to the fund over time. Choose to name a fund so your family’s name lives on in perpetuity.
  • Income tax receipts are issued for donations
  • To ensure our legacy remains in the municipality forever

History of the Foundation

In 1981 the foundation began, called MacGregor & District Centennial Foundation, after the MacGregor Centennial. The foundation wasn't well known but grants were given to the library, playgound, Nor-Mac Centre and Archives. 

In 1995, the MacGregor & District Foundation decided to expand after receiving news that the population in the district was too small and weren't eligible for funds from the Thomas Sill Foundation, which was to support rural foundations in growing their endowment account. A new By-Law was made to expand which included the whole municipality of North Norfolk. The foundation changed their name to North Norfolk-MacGregor Foundation, along with the change new directors were elected from the Sidney, Austin, and MacGregor areas. The new foundation gained the assets of $15 200 from the MacGregor & District Centennial Foundation in 1996.

In 1998, the MacGregor Cemetery Fund became the first designated fund of $14 766. That fund now sits at over $48 000.  Eight designated funds have been set up. These designated funds give back annually to four local cemeteries, the Manitoba Agricultural Museum, rural school cairn fund and students. 

In June 2016, NNF held held the Richardson Pioneer Gala in Austin MB featured gold medalist, Kaitlyn Lawes. Over $25 000 was raised in support of Victoria Place Assisted Living facility. This Gala also met the Thomas Sill Challenge that netted the foundation $50 000 for its Undesignated Fund. 

To celebrating 20 years of giving, June 2017saw the foundation officially launch it's new name, North Norfolk Foundation and a new logo, designed by Melissa Day of Austin MB. 

The Board of Directors are looking forward to the next 20 years with the planning of donation challenges. The North Norfolk Foundations assists sit at 1.4 million dollars, with annual income given back to projects within the municipality. 

Keep the Foundation Growing

With each new donation, the endowment fund continues to grow.  The fund is never spent, only the income generated is granted to projects within the Municipality of North Norfolk.  All donations are tax receiptable and gratefully accepted at any time, any amount. 

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